My parents risked everything for the opportunity of a better life for myself and for them, and this gives me the motivation to “succeed”. My definition of success, like many other children of immigrants, is when I can comfortably give my parents the life they deserve, when I can buy them a house and support them with whatever they need, just like they have supported me. The main things I have learned from being an immigrant and a child of immigrants is to have gratitude, empathy and to persevere even when injustices and other obstacles are put in front of you.

Team Building Philosophy: Trust, Respect, Perseverance

As a leader my team building philosophy is based on trust, respect, honesty and perseverance. I would build a team who has a low ego, can communicate effectively and is excited about the mission. …

There are many frameworks to use in order to make decisions but my main one consists of having a core value/mission and to make decisions that conclude with my mission.

Sticking to the core value is the main goal, but the goal is an umbrella to the more minor goals. I like to make decisions where the benefits outweigh the costs and where the final decision parallels to my intuition in others words if it sits right and sticks to my values.

Although, I do like to consider other perspectives because those perspectives can change my values and my own point of view. Taking others’ perspectives can help add to the list of benefits and costs that I would have otherwise not thought of.

Overall, my decision making framework includes the main mission, my values and other perspectives.

The author, Brian Buffini believes that there are seven key qualities that successful immigrants have in common that anyone can learn from. Buffini’s main idea and framework is founded on the traits of successful immigrants. …

Perseverance with the uncertainty of living undocumented

I would want to speak about how being an immigrant and being undocumented gave me so much perseverance and appreciation for what I have. Although, among everything I was and am grateful for, the fear of being deported to a country I don’t…

Nayeli Magana Garcia

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